Orlando wedding planner

lead planner + designer

  • I'm from a quaint town in the English Countryside
  • Family time soothes my soul
  • Coffee nourishes my body
  • I live to create and inspire
  • St. Lucia + Italy are my two fave places on this planet
  • The ocean waves move my heart
  • I'm always down for cake


I believe love is sacred and weddings are a celebration of that. Helping you two manage the stresses of your wedding so that you could peacefully profess your vows lie at the heart of this business. 

I am passionate about celebrating life’s occasions and believe that they should be filled with grace, sparkle and joy. There is nothing I love more than getting to know someone and translating that knowledge into the best day of their lives.

I’m not a wedding planner, I’m a marriage celebrator. And I want to celebrate with you! 

p.s. Garden weddings and coastal venues are my absolute fave- they present challenges but the intimacy and flexibility they lend make the perfect setting for the best day of your life.