Love is the most precious gift on Earth and being a small part of every client’s love story is such an honor.

I believe in creating a place where couples feel safe with us, so we can infuse the wedding design with meaningful details & maintain an atmosphere where brides, grooms, and their families are free to invest in each other throughout the big milestones and the little moments.

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Be at Ease and Enjoy the Fleeting Moments - Starting at $750
On the day you become legally entwined, you don’t want to be setting up for your wedding, finalizing details, or rounding up your wedding party every time you need them.  You want to feel at ease and brimming with excitement and anticipation. You want to let your mind wander peacefully as your hair is pinned, your make-up is done, and you step into your dress.

The six weeks leading up to your wedding, we’ll help you tie up all the loose ends and then we’ll be there for you on your big day. We double check with vendors, make sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be, coordinate and set up, and more.

We want you to revel in the fact that YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED, not in the hustle and bustle of trying to plan the perfect day.

Get Your Engagement Experience Back - Starting at $1200
You want to experience certain aspects of planning your wedding, but you want to experience your engagement even more, to re-discover all of your firsts—your first date, the first time you said, “I love you,” the moment you knew he was the one.

You’re busy professionals and you know you won’t have the time to truly enjoy your engagement, if you plan your entire wedding. You don’t want to lose sight of your commitment to each other, because of the time commitment of planning.

When you select our partial planning package, you receive our wedding planning expertise and our full commitment. We work with you to handcraft the wedding of your dreams, but we handle the ins-and-outs, so you have space and time to relax and celebrate.

We give you your engagement experience back. And then, before and after your veil is lifted, we unveil an extraordinary wedding day experience that captures who you are as a couple.

Shouldering the Planning Process, So You’re Free to Celebrate - Starting at $2000

You realize that you and your fiancé are busy professionals and time together is more valuable than time spent digging into the nitty gritty of planning your dream day. With day-to-day commitments outside of work and an active social calendar, you desperately want time together.

You want time to prepare for marriage or to sit sipping coffee as you talk about the future. You won’t have that if you shoulder the planning process alone.

We offer full service wedding planning that takes the burden off of you, so you can soak up your engagement journey and spend time preparing for marriage. We get to know your personalities and style to create a custom wedding planning approach that captures who you are and what you want your wedding day experience to be.

We become your confidante and creatively and meticulously weave your vision together, so your celebration is a tasteful and breathtaking reflection of the two of you.

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